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Things have changed since today’s parents were in school.  School-age children, even kindergarteners, are expected to learn more at earlier ages today than even a decade or two ago.  A lot is expected of parents too!  Research has proven that parental involvement in school is one key to children's school success, but becoming more involved isn’t always straight-forward when you consider how busy both parents and teachers are these days, not to mention changing curriculum and new technology. 

Our Family-School Connection Program is designed to meet the needs of families with a variety of supports for parent involvement in their children’s education.

Family School Connections

How children and their families experience the first days of kindergarten, and even the days leading up to that first day, can have a significant influence on whether they feel comfortable with their new school and their new role as learners. 

The beginning of kindergarten can also be a nervous time for parents, and easing their transition sets the tone for a positive partnership with their child’s school. Family Connections developed the Kindergarten Kickoff program to help make sure the beginning of the elementary school experience is a positive one for both children and parents   In two or three sessions during the weeks just prior to start of school, parents and children have the opportunity to become familiar with their new school, get to know teachers and other school staff as well as other kindergarten families, and learn more about what happens and what’s expected in kindergarten.  We’ve offered this program in Cleveland Hts-University Hts, Shaker Hts, and various neighborhoods in Cleveland and have found that participating families feel better prepared for the transition to kindergarten. 

Kindergarten Discovery

A series of family literacy workshops, offered in the evening over a 4 week period. The program includes a family meal, a guided, interactive literacy-based play activity, a circle time with reading aloud and a music/movement activity, and time with parents to review how play promotes learning.  At the end of each session, each child takes home a book to keep and parents receive take-home literacy activities to do with their children between sessions.

Home Visits

Home Visits are provided by our school-based Family Liaisons to provide parents with new tools and ideas they can use to encourage learning at home.  Liaisons bring learning games and activities to the home and leave behind materials and resources that parents can use on an ongoing basis. 

Bridge Into 1st Grade

You will obtain resources to further support your child "Bridge the Gap" from Kindergarten to 1st Grade with fun & Informative activities. Space is limited. Please call (216) 321-0079 to register.

ABC's of Kindergarten

Is your child ready for Kindergarten? Join Family Connections for a fun filled parent & child program designed to help prepare your child for Kindergarten. Space is limited. Dowload the flyer for more information. Register for Session 2: July 20 & 27th by calling (216) 321-0079.

ABC  of Kindergarten ABC of Kindergarten ABC of Kindergarten

Kindergarten Kickoff

Help your child get a jumpstart on Kindergarten! Join us for fun-filled activities for your child that will help ease the transition to kindergarten! Kindergarten Kickoff seeks to minimize the difficulties of transitioning into kindergarten and ensure the beginning of the elementary school experience is a positive one for both children and parents. Space is limited. Register for this 4 week program by calling (216) 321-0079.

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